Who are we?

Deutsch-Lingomanics School of Foreign Language brings you the opportunity to learn from qualified staff with more than 10 years of experience in Germany. With us you will be able to communicate and interact like a native German . You will not feel intimidated or hesitate because of your Indian accent. Many people have very good understanding of German and can write really well but still they cannot bring their points across so effectively as they do not know how to pronounce a word correctly and do not know what should be their flow of speaking. With us you will feel confident even before you arrive in Germany. We also focus on giving our students the right approach to integrate in a country which is not your own homeland.

Yes , our main Focus will of course be to help you pass your German exams as that’s why you come to us. In addition, as a sense of responsibility we will make you familiar with German way of living, their history and culture. Also it’s very important that you should be able to communicate about your Homeland, it’s facts and figures , it’s history and essence of India.

We provide you with all the right tools and information to begin your journey in Germany right from day one. You will recieve all the guidance on how to find your first accomodation, registering your home, opening bank accounts , tax system and tax categories, your work opportunities as students etc.